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An exclusive one hour continuous mix created by one of our specially invited guest producers and DJs.

DIRTYMIX 016 – Marshall Watson


We regularly invite guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

An atmospheric drum and bass mix from Marshall Watson… sequenced and mixed in Ableton Live.

Forgotten Skies
Marshall Watson

Danbo in the Rain (Wolftek Remix)–Madza
Rotary Motion–LSB, Komatic, Technicolor
Abyss–The Prototypes
These Words–Skeptical
Dreamwalk–Colossus &Dnbethh
Nex–Enigma Dubz & Tough Culture
Lost in Laguardia–Random Movement, Jaybee
Quite–Paimon, Place, 2b
Chestplate–Beta 2, Zero T
All Yours (S.P.Y. Remix)–Submotion Orchestra
Camargue(Fred v Graffix Remix)–CJ Bolland
Try to Remember Me (boyChild Remix)–Stumblime

Marshall Watson official website

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 016 – Marshall Watson page

DIRTYMIX 015 – DJ Smok


We regularly invite guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This time we feature a minimal and deep house mix from DJ Smok, a versatile DJ and producer from Finland.

DJ Smok a.k.a. Juha Moisala became interested in electronic dance music in the late ’90s at local events in Northern Finland. Since then house music has been a big part of his life as a DJ and a producer. In 2002 he made his first public performance as a DJ at local club event and a few years later he started producing music. Despite the love for house music he has developed a more versatile musical taste over the years varying from deep and soulful house to drum’n’bass.

The Set:
This mixtape is all about deep house and it blends together atmospheric and even a bit more minimal tracks from Smok himself as well as labels like Freerange and Delusions of Grandeur.

DJ Smok on SoundCloud:


01. A1 Bassline – Buoyancy [Dirtybird]
02. Add Novikov – String’s [Asymmetric Recordings]
03. 6th Borough Project – Changin’ [Delusions of Grandeur]
04. Smok – Sure Thing [Demo]
05. Jonas Gorke – December Girl [Audaz]
06. Mario & Vidis – Test 2011 [Best Works Records]
07. Zepp001 – Giraffe [Delusions of Grandeur]
08. Darko Kustura – Let Go [Baccara]
09. Tank Edwards – Analogue Fixation [Planet Acetate Records]
10. Manuel Tur – Acorado [Freerange Records]
11. Danny Daze – Fall Away From Love [Hot Creations]
12. Nenad Todic – Twisted [Recovery Tech]

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 015 – DJ Smok page

DIRTYMIX 014 – Naks


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This time we feature a mix from Naks, a Berlin based DJ playing italo, electro disco, chicago, electro and techno.

Naks on
Naks on SoundCloud
Naks RA DJ profile with charts

DirtyMix Tracklist:

01. Jamie Principle – It’s A Cold World [Trax Records]
02. Homokissapuisto – Mä Olen Vokoderi [Freak Out Disko]
03. Amplified Orchestra – Kebec 2 [6 Records]
04. Blake Baxter – Our Luv [Decks Classix]
05. Mr. Pauli – Weird [Clone]
06. The Parallax Corporation – Anti Social Tendencies [Viewlexx]
07. Atomic Nation – Atomic Nation (Parallaxed) [i220]
08. The One – Let’s Get It Straight (Legowelt Mix) [Signals]
09. Disco Nihilist – B1 [Love What You Feel]
10. Jody “Fingers” Finch – Jack Your Big Booty [Let’s Pet Puppies]
11. Basic Soul Unit – Rhythm No. 1 [New Kanada]
12. Gesloten Cirkel – Moustache [Moustache Techno]
13. John Heckle – The Second Son [Mathematics Recordings]

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 014 – Naks page



Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week we welcome Simone from the self-proclaimed wild Italian duo 2gi (“2 Genial Idiots”). Expect a raw mix of heavy electro beats and mash-ups. “I hope you will enjoy it as much as i did compiling that stuff”.

2gi on Soundcloud
2gi on MySpace
2gi on Facebook

You can also check out the latest 14-track album “Cartello fiorentino” on Bandcamp.

DirtyMix Tracklist:

01. Snow – The Chemical Brothers
02. No.22 – Moderat
03. Shades of Marble – Trentemoller
04. Blow Your Mind Away – Unknown Artist
05. Want 2 Need 2 (Trentemoller Remix) – Sharon Phillips
06. Until It Talks – Divide & Kreate
07. Until it sleeps – Metallica
08. Talk (Thin White Duke Mix ) – Coldplay
09. Groove Is In The Girls – Dunproofin
10. Groove is In The Heart – Deee Lite
11. Girls (Rex The Dog Remix) – Prodigy
12. Soap – Shadow Dancer
13. Limonare – Crookers
14. Battle Royale – Does It Offend You, Yeah ?
15. Waters Of Nazareth (Justice Remix) – Justice
16. Càpricci – 2GI
17. Don Giòvanni – 2GI
18. Niobe – Caribou
19. Machine Gun – Noisia
20. Serious Brainskin – Von Sudenfed
21. My People (Mouse On Mars Remix) – The Presets
22. Strategisch Wertvoll – Mono No Aware
23. Fine Objects – Eskamon
24. Dwrcan (Eskmo Remix) – Bibio
25. FNSZ – 2GI
26. Autostop – 2GI

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 013 – 2GI page

DIRTYMIX 012 – Neo Khult


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week, Barcelona born DJ Neo Khult steps up with a superb selection of Tech-House and Techno.

Neo Khult on Soundcloud
Neo Khult on MySpace


01. Siwell – Doppler
02. Robert Dietz – Soup Opera
03. Yousef – I Suggest
04. Paul Ritch – Carrrrramba (Monkey Mix) .
05. Butch – Tease Me
06. m0h – Aurich
07. Alan Fitzpatrick – 9 Hours Later
08. Rino Cerrone – Rilis 05 A1 2010 Re Edit .
09. Slam – Cacophony
10. Reset Robot – Do The Slot
11. Secret Cinema – Basically
12. Henrik Schwarz & Amampondo – I Exist Because of You (Henrik Schwarz Live Vers.)

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 012 – Neo Khult page

DIRTYMIX 011 – SubReachers


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack. This week, SubReachers showcase some of their work along side some of their favourite Dubstep artists in an amazing mix of Dubstep greatness.. check it out!

Subreachers, working out of Antwerp, Belgium, have been banging out some serious dubstep from their studio for quite a while now. They have gathered quite a following on the underground and soundcloud scene, their brand of inventive and exciting dubstep creations ensuring that they will be a feature of the scene for quite a while to come. Not content to stick with Dubstep they have also tried their hand a other electronic genres, and you can keep up with their work via their SOUNDCLOUD where there is nearly always something new and exciting to listen to.

01. The Spit Brothers – No Curfew (Djunya Remix) (dub)
02. Joe – Untitled (applepips)
03. Daily – Untitled (dub)
04. Blind Prophet – Tipping Point (dub)
05. Elvee & Squash – Moving Me Up (dub)
06. Subreachers – Future Blindness (dub)
07. Think – Warm Moments (Jack Sparrow Remix) (dub)
08. DFRNT – Slumber (dub)
09. Icicle – Xylophobia (shogun)
10. TMSV – Dahaka (dub)
11. Kromestar – Thru the Blinds (cloqworq)
12. DFRNT – Rising Tide (dub)
13. Subreachers – Future Blindness (Lurka Remix) (dub)
14. Lurka – Stabiliser (dub)
15. Gaz – A Late Night Escape (dub)
16. DJG – Pressure (wheel&deal)
17. Lost – Disgustin Justin (hench)
18. Riskotheque & Wachs Lyrical – What I Feel Like Doing (dub)
19. Djunya – Full Circle (dub)
20. Von D & Riskotheque – Like A Bird (dub)
21. Elvee & Squash – The Dance (dub)
22. Subreachers – Let Go (dub)
23. JazzyJazzy – Convicshorn (dub)
24. Valor – Woogie Oogie (dub)
25. Malilone – Lions & Pearls (dub)
26. Riskotheque & Marchmellow – I Need Ya (dub)
27. Subreachers – Sunshine (dub)
28. Wachs Lyrical – Mississippi Jive (dub)

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 011 – SubReachers page

DIRTYMIX 010 – Acustronica


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack. This week, Italian netlabel ‘Acustronica’ showcase some of their recent work

Founded in 2009 by Massimo Discepoli (aka “Nheap”), Acustronica is a netlabel with a specific purpose: to find and to promote those musicians and bands who are making some refreshing and creative music.

Acustronica is one of the few netlabels which features music played with “real” instruments, along with some totally electronic release. Massimo explains “Simply put, we don’t like genres distinctions and boundaries.”

“We also want to stimulate collaborations between artists, hopefully building an “artists community”. Our releases are digitally distributed, but we have also some “printed” releases, and each artist chooses if his music should be available for free, or for sale at a small fee, on our site and on iTunes and others shops. Our “paid for” release often are available for free , for a short time, before we put them on sale; so we advise you to sign up our newletter, so you won’t miss our promotions.”

Upcoming releases:

September: Horiso – “Isha Ashi”
October: Martin Lowack – “SlowDrive”
November: Gouthy (no album title yet)
Dicembre: Diecidicembre (no album title yet)


00:00 Nunun – “Felk” (from Nunun – “Nunun” [AT009])
06:38 Th.e n.d – “Brahmans Son” (from Th.e n.d – “Schizophrenic Birth” [AT002])
11:22 Fort Fairfield – “Grace” (from Fort Fairfield – “The Dead Sea Scrolls” [AT003])
17:08 Tristeza Orange – “Half-Mute Irene Power Lines” (from Tristeza Orange -“Monochrome” [AT004])
21:28 Soviet Jazz – “Second Rebuild” (from Soviet Jazz – “About Frank Fatelle” [AT008])
24:10 Nheap -“Hldrrr” (from Nheap – “Skymotion” [AT001])
31:22 Dieci Dicembre – “10.15” (from the new Dieci Dicembre release, available on December, 2010)
41:05 Cousin Silas – “A Passing” (from Cousin Silas – “Canaveral Dreams” [AT010])
43:35 Horiso – “Orange” (from Horiso – “Isha Ashi” [AT011])
49:14 Martin Lowack – “Brushkid” (from the new Martin Lowack “Slowdrive” release, available in October)
54:44 Gouthy – “Folk” (from Gouthy – “A long travel for the space” [AT006])

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 010 – Acustronica page

DIRTYMIX 009 – Gareth Moore


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

Irish DJ Gareth Moore is originally from Donegal but currently lives in Galway,
‘I’ve been into electronic music as far back as 1994, I think i was ten at that stage, I remember hearing Glory Box by Portishead on Top of the Pops and thinking, “this is more interesting than some of the other shit in the charts!”. I liked the eerie vibe it had, and the soft yet sometimes haunting sound of Beth Gibbons’ voice, I totally clicked with it, and from then on changed my outlook on music.”

So what groups at that stage were really influencing you?
“It was around then I started listening to groups like the Orb, Sabres of Paradise, Orbital, Leftfield, Prodigy’s first 2 albums, Bently Rythm Ace… stuff like that.[…] I used to watch the local DJ playing the most obvious pop music, using the faders and pressing the smoke machine button, and mixing the music quickly to avoid clashing, very basic and not very technical. But what I was interested in was how he controlled the floor, they way he shaped the night, and how even if most left during one song, he pulled them back with another, so in the late 90s I saved up and got some Technics.”

Is DJing your only interest?
“I Studied music technology in Derry from 2003 – 2004. Gave me knowledge on studio recording, computer music applications, mastering, and business aspect of it. At the moment I spin alot of breaks and jungle, but I also do mixes in another guise as Dub-Tronic, using a sequencer rather than decks/cdjs doing the more ambient electronic and dub, pieced together with effects and samples from comedy, movies and some b-movies (horror particulary).I Composed a score for a short film entitled “Faded Sun”, a gangster film set in Dublin, […]Its nice to try different projects like that, I like to be flexible, my strengths definitely lie in creating haunting ,ghostly sounds.”

Do you work in any other genres than Breaks?
“I’m a breaks DJ at heart, but there’s so much good music within any genre that it’s impossible to ignore, however you could strip my style down to hip-hop, raggae, dub, dub-step, breaks, jungle, electronic/experimental and industrial. I listen to a lot of stuff, exploring the past as well as the present, listening to a lot the old synth groups like: Cabret Voltaire, Omb, Heaven 17, Frontline Assembly, Front 242, and some Jazz like Miles Davis (bitches Brew), John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock etc, im a big dub head as well, Brother Culture, King Tubby, Mad Professor Scientist, Webcam hi-fi, Jah Warrior, Ashtech etc. (too many to name,but ya get the point)”

What do you think of the alternative scene in Ireland at the moment?
“Dubstep scene has been getting a good support in Ireland at the moment, some of the best nights in galway are the dub/dubstep events. I think people are starting to prefer the deeper bassier sounds than the brighter electro housy noises. People are definently getting more picky […] but that’s great for the DJs, it give us more freedom to play different genres rather than getting pigeon holed..”

What DJs are you digging at the moment?
“Some of my favourite [..] would be Rob Sparx (dubstep) his sets and production are really tight stuff, Retroid (breaks) snappy dark breakbeat producer with some sinister sounds, Subz and Matik (Jungle) there album “Low End Theory” has some nice deep vibes and rolling b-lines. Some of the bigger DJs acts I have seen and have upmost respekt for would be Andrew Weatherall and Kieth Tenniswood, James Zabiela, Mixmastermike, Longrange (phil hartnoll) ,Dreadzone, Coldcut, 2 lone swordsmen, Andrea Parker, Deadbeat, and a lot of unestablished homegrown DJs from all over and a couple of mates I listened and learned from when getting into it.”

Any plans for the future?
“Production has been slow at the moment, being a full time dad limits the chance, so I’m concentrating on gigs, and with at least a monthly gig at antidote,the plan is to network more gigs off it. And if all goes to plan there will be some solid production in the future so watch this space!”


1. intro – Gareth Moore vs requiem for a dream.
2. Myagi – Thug (Original Mix)
3. Product 1 – Ready To Rage (instrumental Mix)
3. Mesmer – Wormsigns (Original Mix)
4. Rectchords – Drop Control (Original Mix)
5. Kiwa – ???
6. Circuit Breaker and B-Phreak – Droppin This (Matthew Mc Curry Vs. Stephen Cole Mix)
7. Wardian – Bad (Original Mix)
8. Blazer – Toxic Girl (Unconscious Minds Mix)
9. Lo Key Fu – Style of the rising filter (Original Mix)
10. Lo Key Fu – Tech Ressurection (Original Mix)
11. Dj Icey – Amtrack – (Original Mix)

More Info:

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 009 – Gareth Moore page

DIRTYMIX 008 – Graham Wood


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week we welcome a co-founder of the design agency Tomato – Graham Wood…


01. Tim Buckley – Strange Feelin’
02. The Congos – Children Crying
03. Chris Farlowe – Out of Time
04. Prince Alla – Stone
05. Talk Talk – After the Flood
06. Prince Far I – Deck of Life
07. Bill Fay – Methane River
08. Steve Harley – Sebastian
09. Prince Far I – Negusa Nagast
10. Tim Hardi n – Andre Johray
11. Chris Bell – I Am The Cosmos
12. King Tubby meets Jacob Miller – 80 000 Dubs
13. King Biscuit Time – I Walk the Earth
14. Peyote – Alcatraz

About Graham Wood
Born in London in 1965. B.A. (Hons) St. Martins School of Art, graduated in 1990. M.A. St. Martins, graduated in 1991, also founded “TOMATO” with some graphic designers, artists and other. Art director/designer for Leagas Delaney Advertising for 1992-93. Clients have included Nike, Porsche, The Guardian, Seat, Adidas, MTV, Becks beer and so on. XYZ magazine awards for digital typography in 1993. Judge for design jury D&AD, U.K., in 1

As a founding member of Tomato, Graham Wood has been one of graphic design’s leading figures for more than a decade. Three months ago, however, he followed fellow Tomato member John Warwicker and Peter Saville as the latest big design name to begin working for an advertising agency.

Ostensibly, Wood has joined the design department at JWT New York as creative director, but his role has the potential to be far more wide-reaching. “We’re still discussing what my role is,” he says. “When [chief creative officer] Ty [Montague] asked me what I wanted to do, I said ‘just give me a desk and I’ll sit in a corner and make stuff’. I look at things and try to make them what I think is better, which could be just a matter of moving some type or could be about inverting the whole process – processes in large companies can become very prescribed and don’t have the chance to live. You can’t storyboard happy accidents.”

A refurb of the creative department at JWT so that everyone sits in one big open space is designed to encourage the kind of wide-ranging involvement that Wood hopes will allow him to help produce more interesting work across the whole agency. “We’re trying to avoid everything being so demarcated, to be open and have people talk to one another,” he says.

Unlike Warwicker, whose position at Grey London was always meant to be temporary, Wood has made a long-term commitment to JWT. He is no longer a part of Tomato. “I’d been with them since college – I hadn’t known anything else,” he says. Even though Wood moved to Sweden four years ago, he continued to work on Tomato projects, but no longer. “It just felt like time really,” he says of his decision to leave. “I had two options – either start my own studio or to go into something like this.”

Wood says he chose the latter because of the scale of the possibilities at such a large organisation. “Coming to NY is a big cultural leap but the job isn’t – I’ve been here before in various ways. The biggest leap is being in a different country with a different culture.”

One of his targets is to instill more self-confidence in the people at JWT – to encourage personal work which may then lead into client projects in the same way that Tomato works. “Agencies used to be about getting people in to do the work, there needs to be an inversion of that process,” he says. “There doesn’t seem to be any other plan than to make very interesting work both for oneself and for others.”

Graham Wood Interview by Yannick Joubert and Barbara Mertens

Y: Hello Graham and welcome to the Dirtyradio DirtyMix, please tell us a little bit about your song selection for your mix.

G: hello yannick and everyone and thankyou for having me. the songs are a bit glass/bottle/bottle/glass. a bit woo, a bit wahey, a little bit me, a little bit you. something for everyone for a sunny day when all you need is happy neighbours and a lovely campari and orange. you’ve done the dusting, your shoes are in alphabetical order and, just for brief moment, that feeling that they are coming for you recedes to a gentle neurosis rather than the usual full-blown paranoia.

Y: Tell us a little bit about your relationship to making video clip for band over the years.

its like the difference between a banana and a plantain. bananas make me uneasy but i don’t half love the glorious plantain.

Y: Any favorite piece of work? Most time consuming?

the live visuals (when i was doing them). both favorite (because it was so varied and rich and joyful as well as truly collaborative and ground breaking although i say so myself) and also most time consuming too (because ultimately it was the product of 6/7 years of work).

Y: What did you dream last night?

i can’t remember the details but i do remember it was like an epic action movie.

Y: How do you feel about the sky/space/stars?


Y: Do play music while working ?


Y: How is the chemistry like while working with Underworld.


Y: Is there a theme to the mix ? I feel like it’s time I booked a vacation on the moon.

the theme is ‘i feel like it’s time i booked a vacation on the moon.’

Coffee, tea, juice or brains?


Y: What does your perfect Sunday look like?

working backwards from evening-a good film or drama on the television with some trifle and extra custard (with real vanilla not vanilla ‘flavouring’ or ‘extract’ but proper from a vanilla pod) and perhaps also extra jelly. actually its easier to start with morning because i’m already confused trying to work this out . . . a nice lay in until about 9.30/10, breakfast with family somewhere lovely and if its sunny then ideally outside, perhaps a little wander for a bit, take the kids to the cinema, weekly shopping, probably a bit of a tidy up at home and a ponder on what to wear for monday so its all nicely planned, often cook something for early evening (particularly if friends are coming around), if friends don’t visit then its the first thing i wrote,and then all nicely tucked in bed with either a film on the laptop or something on the ipod (these days i often fall asleep listening to LSG/oliver lieb)

Y: Do you play an instrument?

yes but no.

Y: Do you have plans with full length film?

i would like to do that but i wonder . . .

Y: go you feel that design is kind of like cooking a meal ?

it depends.

Y: Night owl or early bird ?


Y: Any more book like Tycho’s Nova coming in the future ?

i hope so.

maybe not books though.

there’s a couple of things i’ve done since that havent come out (yet), other little thoughts. i’d like to do something with interactivity that was like that . . . the thing on the PSP WISP (the Miracles and Wonders thing) was an early go at that. i’d like to do much much more with that kind of thing. i deeply respect and admire how Jonathan Harris has really thought about narrative and interactivity. that’s truly impressive and beautiful. also Roy Ascott is an inspiration for this kind of potential work.

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 008 – Graham Wood page

DIRTYMIX 006 – Will Jax


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week we open the decks for a House session with Adelaide based DJ, Will Jax.

Tracklist to follow.

For the past four years, Will has been playing funky, soul and jazz house sets, playing out a selection from his favorite genres. For this mix, he has showcased his own productions as well as other Australian artists like Sonny Fodera and The House Inspectors (also Adelaide residents) and also included some tracks that he is really feeling at the moment like Dimitri Max, Arco and Fabio Bacchini as well as a little edit that Giano did.

Will is currently working on a number of tracks, and is very excited about his upcoming releases on Flapjack, Maracuja and Union recordings. He also tells us that he has been working on some more downtempo productions, providing him with another avenue to be creative and applying experience from producing house into different genres.

You can catch Will Jax on his regular radio slot on every Thursday evening from 10 pm (+9.5GMT)

More Info:

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 006 – Will Jax page

DIRTYMIX 005 – Nheap


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week, Italian producer “Nheap” showcases a selection of ambient electronic.

01. Nheap – Photoperiodism (00:00)
02. Nheap – Eupnea (04:02)
03. Nheap – VLBI (09:49)
04. Nheap – Electric 80s Sea (from “Realight”) (14:02)
05. Nheap – 1997 OST (19:25)
06. Nheap – Improv 2 (23:33)
07. Nheap – Over The Rainbow (26:16)
08. Nheap – Katharsis (from “Realight”) (28:38)
09. Nheap – Kinesthesia 7 (33:01)
10. Nheap – Arctica (36:31)
11. Nheap – O.O.B.E. (from “Realight”) (40:59)

Massimo Discepoli, aka Nheap, is a musician and producer from Perugia, Italy. Nheap’s music can generically be defined “electronic”, but actually it is influenced from nearly every musical genre, jazz to ambient, classical to contemporary, and obviously every kind of electronic music. Nheap’s main influences are Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Miles Davis, Bach (and many many others).

He started playing drums in 1990, exploring every musical genre over the years, particularly jazz and funk (for example on the Vibrham CD by the homonymous trio, recorded in 2006 and internationally distributed).

In 2005 he started playing piano, and at the same time began producing his own music. The first album “Realight”, was released in 2008 by the Musicaoltranza netlabel, and it was favorably reviewed by the press. Some other tracks were included in various compilations.

Nheap’s second full length release, ‘skymotion’ is features 10 tracks, ranging from jazz to electronic and ambient to avantgarde; the drums were played live. The album is available for free download at until October 30th 2009; then it will be available on iTunes and others online vendors, and also on and

Nheap is aiming to reach an ever tighter integration between electronic music and music played with real instruments, at the same time not excluding totally electronics or acoustics compositions.

Official Website:

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 005 – Nheap page

DIRTYMIX 004 – Adeline Supreme


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week we head to Sweden, home of colourful DJ, singer, songwriter and producer – Adeline Supreme.


  1. dOP & Wareika – PlayPlay Play
  2. Mario Aureo & Daniel Solar & Adeline Supreme – Would You
  3. Leeks – Not So Late
  4. Marek Hemann & Fabian Reichelt – Right
  5. Flavio Acaron – Mambo People
  6. Palmez – Black B (Deep Edit)
  7. Eric Johnston – Stop Calling
  8. iO – Play The Same
  9. Ost & Kjex – Continental Lover (Uner Remix)
  10. Diego Miranda – I Like
  11. Marco Effe- Jimbo
  12. Jussi Pekka- Dixieland Wah Wah (Playone & Griboedoff Remix)
  13. The Mole People – Break Night

As a host of P3 Dans, the biggest electronic music radio show in Scandinavia on Swedish National Radio, Adeline is spreading her love for electronic music to about 200,000 listeners across Scandinavia every month.

Combined with releases on Einmaleins Musik and Keno Records (David Keno/Kindisch) and djing’ around Sweden, Europe and in the US since late 2005, she has established herself as a colourful dj and artist.

It’s behind the decks where Adeline really shines. Playing club focused 4/4, from percussive deep house rhythms to early morning techno, one thing that is always present is energy, never failing to make the dance floor shiver.

Supreme indeed!

Adeline Supreme is part of the fab dj duo Housewives, twice awarded for Best Club and with two fresh releases, first single Dirty Dancing and a major label remix for the biggest rock band in Sweden.

More Info:
Buy: Mira Mira EP on Beatport

Would You..? Mix by adeline

Full link to the DIRTYMIX 004 – Adeline Supreme page

DIRTYMIX 003 – Palenke Soultribe


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week LA based Palenke Soultribe step up for a session of breakbeats, electro-dance grooves and touches of traditional Afro-Colombian rhythms.

[Tracklist to follow – please check back]

Critically-acclaimed LA-based Colombian , Palenke Soultribe, have taken electronic music to new heights by deconstructing Afro-Colombian rhythms and blending them with underground beats and exploratory synthesizer sounds. Palenke Soultribe (PST) represents the new generation of Colombian musicians ready to break all the rules.

Interview by Yannick Joubert

Y: First for the fan who were at the concert in Chicago last week. How did you like your experience in the city?

Juan: Chicago is an amazing city. We are happy to know that Palenke brought us here. We had a chance to look around and admire its architecture and public spaces.

Y. Palenke as mini tribe… what music would you listen growing up? Personal favorite.

Juan: One af the good things about being a band, is that you have a variety of influences merging together onto a musical proposal. So for example all us were exposed to old Colombian music like cumbias, porros, etc..when we were kids, but also we had music coming on the radio from Europe an USA. We have very different influences anyway they go from The Beatles, Pixies, Michael Jackson. Even if they don’t fit under the same genre. At the end it is all art. I remember a savvy music teacher saying : ” …There are just two types of music : the good one,and the bad one” More recently The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, FatBoy Slim and Soulwax have directed our sound.

Y. How did you guys meet up ?

Juan: Me (Insecto) and Popa met in 1999 at recording studio in Manizales, Colombia where we were doing projects for our bands. We started to talk about music and felt we had great coincidences and similar visions of the music wwe would like to do then. We started to work on the project under a different name.” Polaina Dinamita” we released 4-5 songs. Polaina started to explore the possibilities of mixing electronica wit latin stuff. years later after a 4-5 year gap we resumed production in a different city, Los angeles; a differnet name, Palenke, We incorporated the incredible sound of drummer Zuluaga who gave us that extra punch we were looking for.

Y. How is the studio life working as a team with guest vocalist, and working on scoring movie soundtrack, how to you balance it all.

Juan: We take every challenge as an opportunity to do something artistic and to learn more. After all it is about using your ears, the experiences you have collected and the tools available. Sometimes we feel we are involved in too many things which adds some stress but that is the way it is gotta be now when we still have some physical strength!

Y. Today’s technology offer so many possibility and you guys seem to embrace it a lot seeing you use multiple controller with Ableton Live. How is the recording process vs. playing live, do you compose directly in Ableton?

Juan: Ableton is a great tool for us. Different producers have their own babies and I am not saying it is the greatest tool ever ( unless Ableton pays me 1 zillion dollars to say it) but it is the one that fits our needs. Both Live and Studio. The main advantage is it lets you alter things without pressing the STOP button. That allows us to create things on the fly. Virtually on the fly. We recently created a remix on a plane between Chicago- LAX. Then you get to LA, open the session in your studio, mix it for a couple of hours and send it over. That simple. It is the workflow.

Y. One of the thing I quite enjoy on your album is the fact that there’s multiple guest vocalist on there and your use of vocoder, the fusion of it all make quite it quite diverse, was there a reason for this. Any guest vocalist you would love to collaborate with?

Juan: Well I think started form knowing that we are decent producers but necessarily great singers. You have to know your limitations and work around that. Luckly we are close friends with great people like Itagui from Locos Por Juan, Sr. Mendez, Toddy Ivy, Pollyanna, we are always experimenting with different colors. Also, Technology can help. That probably make our records more bearable. Would you imagine Karl Hyde singing an electro-cumbia? that would be sick!

Y. Travelling around and playing around the world, do you keep the recording process going even on the road ?

Juan: We try to do stuff between tour dates. We work ideas on our spare time in hotels etc..Then when we find two weeks off we try to mix in the studio and record the instruments.

Y. Something random, if there was such a thing as brain add-on to bring more possibility to the music production would you get surgery to have the lastest toy?

Juan: Ha, ha! probably not. We always forget to recharge our cellphones, I know we would forget to recharge our brains.

Y. Soundcloud and social media propagation / Youtube revenue sharing… it’s starting to feel like Google and the Itunes store are becoming the new labels of this age, how do you feel about this, do you think it open up more opportunities for band than being on a label.

Juan: Well a label it is not a bad thing. Depending on your deal. But generally if you get a decent deal you will also benefit from their reputation, contacts and history. But it is not a must. You can develop you own thing if you have the time, the will and a decent product . They are great tools out there for a band to become known.

Y. What’s in the future box for Palenke? Dream place to play ? Favorite festival ?

Juan: We are working on our next EP . titled MAR. We just released another one called WEPALENKE. WE like the idea of releasing short records every 3-4 months . Thats keeps our fans close and it is a good way to track our progress. We have a load of show ahead of us that include USA, Colombia and Mexico. We are pursuing Europe and Canada. We would also love to play in Coachella.

Y. We love to share music and would like it if you could share artists we and your fans should check out.

Juan: Speaking of sharing . Please download our latest EP for free. Also check Locos por Juana (Miami) , Sr. Mendez (Venezuela), Superlitio (Colombia) , Blanali (Bogota) great friends and artists.

Y. Bonus Q Palenke Buffet…knowing your music we would love to have you guys to cook us a meal, what would it be?

Juan: Hey you should try the Ajiaco ( Colombian food) . We don’t feel that strong with the knifes and pans but we would take you to Las Tablas in Chicago and pay for it!!! deal?

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DIRTYMIX 002 – Shatterfreak


Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s will create an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

This week, Dublin based producer Shatterfreak steps up for a bone shattering Dubstep session.

  1. Champagne Dreams – PMoos – Shatterfreak’s 0% Alchohol Remix
  2. In the Face of – Shatterfreak
  3. Gold – Shatterfreak
  4. Last Man on Earth – Shatterfreak
  5. The Dark – Shatterfreak
  6. Shamble – Shatterfreak
  7. What you think – Shatterfreak
  8. Come with Me – Shatterfreak
  9. Choices – Shatterfreak
  10. Yeah…You – Shatterfreak
  11. So Let It Be Done – Shatterfreak
  12. Freak Freak – Shatterfreak
  13. Additional Perx – Shatterfreak
  14. Deep in the Mind – Shatterfreak
  15. Alone – Shatterfreak
  • What have you been up to recently?
    Ive been producing and playing the occasional live show in Dublin and Cork. I show up and do sets of all my own material via Ableton, although i’ve recently been bitten by the vinyl bug too. I’ve been lucky to be involved in ‘BassOff’, which turned out to be an absolutely crazy couple of nights with big crowds and a really great atmosphere at both the Cork and Dublin legs. It was really nice to see people mobilise in such numbers for an all local line up.
  • Dubstep has broken through from the underground, so how does your work stand out from the ‘mainstream’?
    I like thick ambience and heavy bass and intricate percussive work. I don’t really have a template, i’ve done a few tracks that i consider to be quite challenging to the listener because they don’t follow the intro, drop, breakdown, drop procedure and often times these tracks are about stray thoughts or dreams. It’s basically just about having fun, if other people dig my music then obviously that makes me happy but i don’t live and die by the reception my tracks get. I never want to get stuck in a groove, which can be tempting at times when a certain vibe or sound does well. I just want to keep pushing until i crack something truly unique and interesting. Lately i’ve been told there are plenty of housey/techy vibes floating into my stuff, which is kind of cool and i’m always more than eager to get a bit of jungle thing going as well.
  • Who are your influences?
    I’ve producing now for a little over a year. It’s been a good trip and i’ve had a lot of help from some really good people. I guess here is the place to mention people like Milyoo, Ross Alexander, Drokkr and Welfare who have basically become my sounding board when i’m mid production. I can rely on those guys to point out when stuff is off or could be stronger, so i owe them a lot.
  • What is the scene like in Ireland at the moment?
    Ireland is actually a really hot scene right now. Folk like Reach, !Kaboogie and Gamepak have all been nice enough to give me gigs and Drokkr has sorted me out on the Cork end of things. You’ve got guys like the Standard Crew who do a pretty amazing free montly EP series which is a must have in my opinion. Wobble recently killed things by bringing over Mala which turned out to be one of the nights of the year for a lot of people i think and Ignored Playaz seem to be pretty insistent on putting on savage nights and bringing in great talent. Throw in labels like DubCulture and the !Kaboogie releases, All City, Arcoplane and Rudimentary Records to name a few and you start to get a pretty hot scene by anyone’s standards.
  • How are people reacting to your music?
    I’m just glad to be involved in a small way, everyone I have met has been really warm and welcoming. I talk to a lot of people on line and sometimes their local scenes seem to be a bit cutthroat, in Ireland people seem to focus solely on the music and help each other out quite a bit. I guess it’s also important to mention Radio na Lifé, who have consistantly made room for shows from local people doing dubstep, drum and bass and jungle shows, basically if you like any type of underground electronica you’ll find it on that station once the sun goes down.
  • What motivates you to produce?
    I do what i do because i was basically tired of telling myself i couldn’t do it. I’m normally good for a challange but i went through a hazy part of my life that maybe rocked my self belief a little. I was in a job i hated and that really ground me down, the opportuinity came up to leave with a bit of a golden handshake and i jumped at it, bought a new laptop and some essentials and got stuck into the music. I’m happy with the progress i have made but have a long way to go and a lot left to learn about musical theory and production. Ironically i have probably worked harder over the last year than i have ever done for any job in the past. My end goal is to just be happy with my own output and try and become more than the sum of my influences.
  • Do you work with a vision?
    The joy of electronic music is that it can have infinite meaning, you’re not pinned down to the theme of the vocals… people can listen and interpret things how they want to. Personnally, i find great strength and happiness in a lot of dark music that other people might see as being a bit depressed or scary. I’m a firm believer in the power of interpretation, I like the fact that i can put a track out there and know exactly what it’s about and why i wrote it and see other people’s interpretations of it. Kind of like being privy to a secret that noone else knows. Music is largely a way for me to either celebrate the good things or excercise some demons while retaining my privacy.

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Full link to the DIRTYMIX 002 – Shatterfreak page

DIRTYMIX 001 – Groovepig


To kick off our new podcast series on dirtyradio, we take a dip into some deep house grooves from the ‘Celtic collaborative’ Groovepig. Each week, one of our invited guest producers and dj’s showcase an exclusive one hour continuous mix, giving them the chance to break genre barriers, and giving you an opportunity to explore a unique soundtrack.

  1. The Field – Foals (xIII Remix) [Kompakt – 2009]
  2. Brooks – Iwanchu [Aus – 2009]
  3. Rebotini – 1314 [Citizen Records – 2008]
  4. Pig & Dan – Moderation [Topmodel Records – 2010]
  5. Kerri Chandler – Oblivion [Soul Heaven Records – 2006]
  6. Giorgio Giordano – Patagonia [CDR – 2009]
  7. Josh Wink – Everybody To The Sun [Ovum Recordings – 2009]
  8. Martin Eyerer and Benno Blome – Pianoroll (Audiofly Twinkle Edit) [Great Stuff Recordings – 2009]
  9. Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy – Blood Embrace (Acapella) [Domino Recording Company Ltd – 2005]
  10. Gui Boratto – No Turning Back [Kompakt – 2009]
  11. MyMy – Propain [Playhouse – 2006]
  12. Ricky Stone & Mikael Jonasson – Cantonese Woman (Acapella) [CDR – 2010]
  13. Guy Gerber – This Is Balagan [Cocoon Recordings – 2006]
  14. Lee Jones – MDMazing [Aus Music – 2008]

Despite the difficult schedule, we did manage to catch up with the pair before the release of the mix to find ot more about this project!

  • dR: So what’s with the name Groovepig?

    Mpig: “Ah yes, its not very interesting really, but it stems from a long standing ‘inside joke’ that came from a note Dpig had left about guinea pigs, which was lost in translation.. Because of the misunderstanding, one of us thought it was ‘genuine pig’. When it comes to our creative principles, groove is king, so when it came to choosing our collaboration name Groovepig seemed to fit perfectly.”

  • dR: Was it easy working as an ‘incognito’ collaborative?

    Mpig: “The motivation behind this project was too see if we could create a mix that focused purely on the momentum of the sounds, whilst combining our interests in house music. We hit it off instantly, and despite a lot of changes along the way, the result was a well crafted mix that we put a lot of thought into.”

    Dpig: “It’s totally different to working together at a live event where you can choose a direction based on the crowd, you have to trust your instinct in the studio and offer genuine feedback to each other along the way. Sometimes it means purging hours of work, but the end result is worth it.”

  • dR: How long did it take to get this together?

    Dpig: “It took a very, long time, longer than it should – perhaps an 8 month journey from conception to final touches – maybe a couple of hours a week. We were transferring files back and forth over networks and working on it when we had time out of our personal schedules – sometimes a couple of hours a week!

    Mpig: “The relaxed time-scale also gave us a chance to think about the sonic quality of the mix, a skill that is difficult to master in a live set-up. Ableton facilitated the necessary flexibility and Dpig worked really hard on the mastering, we wanted to get the best out of the sounds.”

  • dR: Did you find yourself drifting into unfamiliar territory?

    Mpig: “Definitely! In fact were able to really look deep in our record boxes and pull out gems that might not necessarily work in a typical set, but we were able to extract elements from those tracks and layer them to create some great textures.”

    Dpig: “That’s what I love about house mixing – the idea is groove – so you can really blend in a track
    underneath to the point that everyone is oblivious to the mix actually happening until something really obvious comes in… I’m a real “house head” so it was only a matter of time that I threw in something deep…. loving how this is going… so interesting. I found that the tracks Mpig threw in really allowed me to slide into something more meditative… a real nice constant groove.”


Full link to the DIRTYMIX 001 – Groovepig page