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dirtylaundre sessions no.86


Into The Slow House of Mildly Evil. My shows are playing at a much more slower speed than when I first started on this channel, I probably could have sped up the tracks a bit towards the end. Everything just sounds a bit more ominous at this slower speed. This is like Chopped & Screwed with a Classic House Groove sound:

01. High Places – Dry Lake (Urulu’s Backroom Edit)
02. Forrest – Trinity (Lawrence Black Remix)
03. Lando Kal – Rhythm Sektion
04. Nina Kraviz – Okain’s Scream (Sebo K Remix)
05. Larry Heard – Deja Vu (Musaria Remix)
06. Slam – Stepback (Mark Henning Remix)
07. David August – You Gotta Love Me
08. Her Majesty & The Wolves – Glaciers
09. Lee Burton – You’ve Got Me (Nhar Firefly Remix)
10. Stoneproof – Everything’s Not You (Quivver’s Space Edit)
11. Phil K & Habersham – Cloudbrake

Happy Labor Day Monday for those celebrating!


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