Music Worth Hearing

dirtylaundre sessions – No.77


“You may have to wait a bit before The Drop…”. Deliberately slower paced grinder session with beats thumping and a vocal narrative running thru the show. We left out most of the wobblelympic oscillations for another day.

a fall from angel’s grace:

01. Bright Eyes – No One Would Riot For Less (Clueless Dubstep Remix)
02. DJ Fenner & Quazzer – I Was Wrong (Everything But The Girl)
03. Bastille – Overjoyed (Distance Remix)
04. Unquote feat. Lung – Yellow Warrior
05. Jess Mills – Live For What I’d Die For (Distance Remix)
06. Dave Gahan – Saw Something (Skream Remix)

brief intermission – sampled from the movie Brick

07. Birdy – Shelter (Photek Remix)
08. Blue Bear – Dead Of Night
09. Photek feat. Linche – Sleepwalking
10. NFiftyFive – Bring On The Night (Tunnidge Remix)
11. Stereo MC’s – Black Gold (Marlow Remix)
12. Damian “Junior Gong” Marley – It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix)
13. Laid Blak – Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)


Next Session: something acidic