Music Worth Hearing

dirtylaundre sessions – No.69


Trance’ll.Break.Ya. First session for 2012, back to the weekly on the dirty airwaves. Let’s start off with some semi-trancey breaks, slowly edging its way to a heavier second half. Currently trying to work out an archive of older shows, well 1-50 at least, for those who weren’t around from the very beginning of my schizo show format.

welcome back, rusty non-dj:

01. Kwes – No Need To Run
02. Ad Brown – L.A. (Alfoa ‘Angel City’ Mix)
03. Atrium Sun – Abyss
04. Drifting In Silence – Pretend
05. Miro – Paradise (Farmatronic Creeping Mix)
06. Damien Heck feat. Michelle Chivers – Morning After (Futurology Mix)
07. Josef Plante – Get Me Thru
08. Depeche Mode – Precious (Future Funk Squad Remix)
09. Walsh & Coutre – Done With Love (Vocal Breaks Mix)
10. Lostep – Villain

In the works (if ever I get around to recording these) for future sessions:

minimal wave/dark wave, shoegazetravaganza, just dub/reggae, alternadance mix, grime, upbeat summer driving session (it must be summer elsewhere in the world) and the usual mixes of whatever I can come up with.

Next Session : Blaxploited!