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dirtylaundre sessions no.142



That spring sound, with chimes, bells, chirping synths…with the “feels” of nostalgic dubnobass/secondtoughest era electronica without any underworld in the tracklist. Tried to find tracks with as minimal thumping I could find, that was the hard part. I forgot what I was going to name this. The working title was Now With Less Thump, in contrast with the previous session, but i threw in some breakbeat that got progressively thumpier nearing the end. I’ll be with my muffintop, sprawled out by the shore watching the sunset.


01. Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano
02. Gregor Tresher – Villa By The Sea
03. Pascal F.E.O.S. – Sonneherz
04. LV & Message To Bears feat. Zaki Ibrahim – Explode (Charlie Dark’s Longtime Remix)
05. Minilogue – Island Of If
06. KaitO – Will To Live
07. Paranoia106 – Ambient Light (After Hours Mix)
08. KaitO – Run Through The Road In The Fog
09. Marcel Fengler – Mosaique
10. Vince Watson – Paradise
11. Ketaneo – Everything In Circles (Proghouse Mix)
12. The xx – Chained (Liar Remix)
13. Beland – In Search Of Sunrise (Audiostorm Remix)
14. Alfoa – Origami (Omauha Remix)
15. Rick Tedesco – Blue Note
16. Hybrid – Enjoy The Silence (Instrumental)


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