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Beat Repeat-No. 36


Beat Repeat-No. 35

This week,a focus on Spearhead Records out of the UK. ( Spearhead is home to Muffler, BCee, Redeyes and Bungle, among other outstanding artists. I hope you enjoy the set, as I am still feeling the Drum & Bass vibe, revived by Hospital Records and further motivated by Spearhead Records.


I Refuse–Netsky
The Keeper–Bonobo (Redeyes Remix)
The Escape–Camo and Krooked
RinneRadio–Nao (Muffler Remix)
The Best I Ever Had–Drake (Mutt Remix)
September–Future Prophesies (Camo and Krooked Remix)
Frozen Wheel–Eleven Tigers
Plasma–Marshall Watson

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