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1MC – No.44 – Darkness



These are the times of the year when one leaves home in the morning to go to work… still in the dark…
And when we come home… it’s dark again… This is the season of Darkness….
Of course only for those amongst us who live on the Northern Hemisphere…

This time the dark side of Techno… Slow beat (115 bpm) tracks… Songs that make you think…
But even songs that make you move… Move to get rid of this dark feeling…

Also the last show of 2011… time for me to just relax and wait for the new year… Till then…
Best wishes of course…

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Artist – Track – (Netlabel)

1. Delp – We Got A Feeling – (Indigosilver)
2. Andreas Florin – Good Bye My Darling – (Indigosilver)
3. Zoran Relic – Habitats – (Miniatura Records)
4. Drugstore – Balearic – (Coda Netlabel)
5. John E. Flash – Vol de nuit – (Autark)
6. Antonio Bruno – Fm Cut – (Dreiton)
7. k-Jano – Back on Earth – (No Response)
8. Epios – Thelema – (Zimmer Records)
9. Waveform – Moments – (Inoquo)
10. König Saatgut – Drumz – (Arteqcue)
11. Dublicator – Sleepy Clouds – (Transmitternetlabel)
12. Chris Maiberger – Parental Supervisions – (Tropic)
13. Zzzzra – Retardataire – (Schall Netlabel)