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Turnstylz ~ Sciryl/Kalae

todayApril 14, 2010


This weekend on the Black Box radio show we will be featuring some seriously huge new hip hop from the extremely impressive Turnstylz and a rapper that has been turning heads all over New York and beyond, Sciryl.

Turnstylz are: Trevan Beatz, Dr. Watch, Seismic and Suga Ray

Forming in New York City in 2006, Turnstylz have endeavoured to push musical boundaries, bringing hip hop into the musical unknown and collaborating with a range of different musicians from all disciplines. Over the years their live shows and studio works have melted genres together through collaborations with other artists such as LOOT, Oveous Maximus and Styles P – this bringing out elements of funk, jazz and Latin in their already rich hip hop sound. More recently they have been collaborating with a fresh new Harlem rapper named Sciryl and rapper/vocalist Kalae

It’s hard to put your finger on just what exactly it is that separates Turnstylz from the usual dime-a-dozen Hip Hop group out there. Perhaps its the superior production and the dynamic and inventive arrangement of instrumentation… this mixed in with a more traditional hip hop beat that is deep enough to melt your brain, and hits hard enough to blow your ears off. If not that then maybe its their willingness to experiment.. their studio productions are rich with electronic elements.. everything from rhythms to vocals being bent and moulded to perfection – creating a whole new hip hop experience..

And if it isn’t that… then maybe its their most recent collaborations with Sciryl and Kalae. Songs like “Favourite Rapper” ingrain themselves deep in your brain for hours (even days) on end with clever lyrical hooks.. they keep your head nodding deep into the groove – even when the song is long over.

Turnstylz are currently working hard in their studio on brand new material that is constantly being uploaded for everyone to hear and download on their SoundCloud page. And you can also purchase some of their music from iTunes.

Turnstylz will be at this summers Sonar Festival and here’s hoping there will be a whole lot more European dates to follow!

This weekend we will be featuring a selection of brand new Turnstylz collaborations with Sciryl (including their latest collab with Sciryl and K Swift “Shadow Runner“)….. some improvised raps and a whole lot more.

Make sure you tune in live this Sunday on www.dirty.radio and get your hands around the podcast that will follow during the week.

Shadow Runner Feat. SciryL & K Swift by Turnstylz

Written by: intheblackbox

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