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The 13th Tribe

todayJuly 11, 2010


Ran into this gem on Soundcloud… The 13th Tribe will feature in my Black Box radio show tonight on www.DirtyRadio.org where you can hear a mix of 5 tracks. You can also catch up with an array of 13th Tribe releases on their bandcamp and also on Soundcloud.

You only need to read the selection of reviews posted on their Soundcloud to get a sense of the quality on offer from this collaborative of musical artists and styles. Based in South America, originating in Glasgow and passing through Spain, the musical exploits of The 13th Tribe brings Traditional world music and contemporary eectronic and hip hop styles together to create an extremely satisfying and exhilerating musical experience.

Also involved in collaborating and supporting an Afro-Latin collective based in Madrid which actively seeks out to record artists from Africa+Latin America/Carribe called VOCA which is headed by the producer Rasgus who often heads out to Tanzania and Ethiopia on recording missions! – you can catch up with their myspace HERE and check out some of the amazing tunes and recordings.

Otherwise its time for the music to speak for itself so here are a Couple of tunes from 13th Tribe for your ears to feast on!

Babylon Shall Fall Dub feat Horsemouth. by The 13th Tribe

The 13th Tribe feat Niche Flow- Negro by The 13th Tribe

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