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todayMarch 3, 2010


Some Slightly leftfield selections this week with music from the U.S. and Italy…
Diazo – “Initial None” & “Autumn Dust – Winter’s Eve”

Hailing from L.A. Diazo has been producing music for over 10 years, and while browsing through the numerous complex works on display on his soundcloud page the experience shows through. The style can vary at times from “Baroque Classical Breakcore” to “Classical Video Game Music”… ok so this may not be your run of the mill dubstep or breakbeat but there is a complexity in the work that shines through. Even if you prefer to leave the videogame music to the old Nintendo gathering dust in the corner, its hard to argue with some of Diazo’s other works like “Initial None” where some heavy Dubstep grooves and excellent sampling carries a subtle classical undertone… you will find this music forever interesting and ever-changing.

I featured “Autumn Dust – Winter’s Eve” on the Black Box radio show a couple of weeks back and more of Diazo’s music including some fantastic live sets are available as ever on soundcloud HERE!

Diazo – Initial None

Autumn Dust – Winter’s Eve ( Completed ) by  diazo

Opera – “Muffin”

This tune caught my ear randomly one night while browsing through random artist profiles. The arrangement is disjointed… yet it moulds together in a fantastic way that keeps it simple, and pleasing. At 4am it certainly makes a whole lot of sense – However I have yet to try it at 4pm!

There is a whole lot more to be heard over on their Soundcloud page!

Muffin by  Silenzio aka Opera

Written by: intheblackbox

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todayFebruary 25, 2010

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