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Suite • Opus 1


Suite were kind enough to offer me a promo of their debut album back in November. I must admit, I do get sent a number of promos every month that vary in quality from ‘alright’ to ‘i will leave some polite feedback’.

They say never to judge a book by its cover, but I was immediately fascinated by the presentation standard that they have achieved, for something that was intended as a debut promo.  The CD is heat printed, there is a small fold out artwork booklet and its all enclosed within a fantastic glossy digipak.  Such precision is very impressive.

So, the enclosing letter promised a ‘left of the dance floor material’ and ‘the first record you reach for after returning from a nights clubbing’.  In my own words, I would describe it as ‘minimal industrial tech’.  But hey, whats the point in putting things in boxes nowadays?  It is definitely back room lounge material.

‘Childmind’ has a progressive sound with a moody edge, and the vocal is worked in well to add a great texture to the track.  ‘Buy Buy’ is a pleasant suprise – a short uplifting piece with soft ambient tones, leading into a retro synth and building into a live drum crescendo.  I also recommend ‘Op.1 No.5’ with its deep bass and electro stabs.

I really enjoyed listening to Opus 1, and the quality of mastering is the ‘cherry on the top’.  I can really feel the depth of sounds – and the bass rumbles have a cinematic sonic quality to them.  The value of the cover is matched by the quality of material they have produced.

Rating (out of 5) : 5

Suite are the Nottingham based production duo Gavin Kirtley and Tim Laverack.  The tracks mentioned in this review are now on rotation on the dirtyradio playlist.

Suite on MySpace.