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DarkSounds Compilation 2009

todayJanuary 3, 2010


Sweet In Winter, Sweet In Rain – Very much a unique collection of great music/songs with loads of atmosphere which appeals to a wide spectrum of music fans.

This compilation is truly unique, started by fans from around the world who have all been brought together by a passion for the band ‘Underworld’ the legends of electronic and experimental music. The music has been made with no rules only a theme of winter which gives the whole listening experience very atmospheric.

There are songs here that will appeal to dance, Electro, Ambient, experimental, 80’s, retro, rock… everybody! Whats more this whole compilation of great original music has been made available for free by all artists involved, this alone should give you the motivation to check this out and you will be glad you did!

Happy New Year!


More Information: darksounds.org / darktrain.org

Sweet in Winter, Sweet in Rain
(Dirty Compilation)


01 – In The Black Box – Thirst
02 – The Explorers – Elevator
03 – The Price of Freedom – Travelling At Night
04 – Tin Foil Hats – I Need You
05 – Mental Health Consumer – Eponine’s Walk
06 – LX Nen – Icemelt
07 – Cranks – Particle Generator
08 – Tin Foil Hats – Reality Check
09 – The Explorers – Melting In The Rain
10 – Marshall Watson – Magee, Crying In Heaven
11 – Grandbrother – Quorom Sense

Written by: Mike

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