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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 46



After digging through the old and dusty bits for a few episodes, it’s about time to get a bite of fresh produce again. And in a stunning display of straying off proven formulas, instead of 12 stellar tracks I’m bringing you.. 13 of them! Wild, huh? You can never tell what kind of wacky antics will ensue in this downright anarchistic podcast.

But I digress. Hope you’ll dig the music, which contains e.g. another quality outing from Oulu’s own Smok, dramatic disco flavours by Christian Prommer as well as Hard Ton indulging in retro jacking. All house, all good.

01. Matthias Vogt – The Wobble Track [Large]
02. Smok – Let’s Be Friends [DeepClass]
03. Freestyle Man – Get Away Tonight [Stranjjur]
04. Walter Jones – A Night in Newark [Permanent Vacation]
05. Alf Tumble feat. Halina Larsson – Story of a Ghost (Elef Remix) [Centric]
06. Stefan Mint – Leichtmatrose Morgenrot [Dantze]
07. Christian Prommer – Hanging on the DJ Booth [Compost]
08. Wil Maddams – NS Truth [Remote]
09. Michael McLardy – You Feel [Voltaire Music]
10. Flash Atkins vs Daco – Vowerk [Paper]
11. Hard Ton – Jack to the Sound [Toy Tonics]
12. Luke Solomon – Lost Channels (Wil Maddams Remix) [Local Talk]
13. Tyson Ballard – All Day [Voyeurhythm]
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