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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 38



So many grand tunes, precious few excuses not to record yet another episode of Hausaufgabe for your listening pleasure. It couldn’t be helped: the state of recent releases has again forced my sticky fingers on those turntables. Traps come and EDMs go, most likely by taking the night bus, but house music prevails.

Nobody expects a Finnish inquisition? They might as well, as this is hardly the first one for the podcast. In today’s domestic affairs, Roberto Rodriguez provides a bumping treatment of the #1 summer hit of 2012, Arttu puts his machines to good use on the notorious Snuff Crew’s label, and Sasse utterly destroys the 303-toting competition with his acid monster. But despite my praise for those fellow finns, the armada of foreign folk on the roster are likewise a force to be reckoned with.

01. Keinzweiter – A Never Ending Story [Mussen Project]
02. Project 01 – P01_01 [NSYDE]
03. Jazzuelle – Foot in the Groove [Cityscope]
04. Dragos Ungureanu – Last 29 [Souled Black]
05. Shur-I-Kan – Kissing (Harold Heath Remix) [Body Rhythm]
06. Evan Iff – Faith & Trust (Michelle Owen Remix) [Large]
07. Kyodai – Breaking (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) [Local Talk]
08. Studnitzky – Evora (Charles Webster Dub) [Sonar Kollektiv]
09. Okain – O’Clock (Gerd Deep Mix) [Tsuba]
10. Arttu – Hallu Ci Nations [Snuff Trax]
11. Robert Babicz – Sonntag (Kink Remix) [Systematic]
12. DJ Pierre – Save Our World (Sasse Acid Dub) [Deeplay]
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