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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 34



Flirting with disco and techno while staying faithful to house music, that is the way of the 34th Hausaufgabe. While days are getting longer and warmer here in Oulu, the landscape still remains somewhat post-apocalyptic as all that green stuff is yet to surface. The music may just reflect that a bit, as around our parts this is no time for balearic summer anthems.

This month I’m especially pleased to see Frankie J and John Mork being “friends again” and bringing back their old label to boot. This duo was among the producers who made house music fun again in the mid-to-late naughties, getting me back into it as well. Hence you can partially thank (or blame!) them for the existence of this podcast. If those guys fail to rock your boat, check out KDMS working their drums over Iron Curtis or Conan “Liquid People” Liquid laying down a plain silly bassline. Mike Dehnert gets to wrap things up, reminding us why he’s the real deal among legions of cookie-cutter Berghain wannabes.

01. Frankie J – When It Get Hot (Mörk’s Murder Rate Remix) [Spatula City]
02. Conan Liquid feat. SCSI – OK 48k Computer [Infusion]
03. Kolombo – Baby Move Ur Bud [OFF]
04. Martijn – No Way Out [Left Wing]
05. Moomin – I Whisper a Prayer [Smallville]
06. Space Coast – Aqua Tongue [Paper]
07. Iron Curtis – Horses (KDMS Drums of Love Remix) [Mirau Musik]
08. Alci – Within [Robsoul]
09. Don Nelson & Mill T – This Delay [A Deeper Groove]
10. Raw District – Breakaway (Pezzner Remix) [Homecoming]
11. Jordan Peak – Hanging by a Thread [Air London]
12. Mike Dehnert – Isolant [Fachwerk]
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