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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 27



Hausaufgabe returns once again.. in 2013! Too future? Not for the dR followers, I’m sure. And what exactly will the next 12 months bring us musically? Will B-grade producers finally come up with a new filler gimmick to replace the Beatport white noise sweeps? Is the NYC/”Jersey” retro sound going to perish now that it’s been spotted limping towards the place where past trends go to die, Ibiza compilations? Exciting times lie ahead.

What I’m sure of is that for those willing to put in the effort of wading through the myriad of releases instead of relying on big names’ charts, there’ll still be plenty of unexpected gems to discover. I’ll continue doing my best to bring up the very best of house music to you, in lovingly crafted 12-track packages.

This time I’m taking you on a trip through various melodic locations, but beware: some acid rain has been forecasted towards the end of our journey. For once I find it impossible to pick any highlights from these equally outstanding sounds, so just enjoy the ride..

01. 2 Billion Beats – Mega City One [Paper]
02. Ruthit – Roly Poly [Silver Network]
03. Hot Toddy – Mutha Sucka [Smoke N Mirrors]
04. Detroit Swindle – Creep [Freerange]
05. Toxez – Broklyn [Konura]
06. Dimitri Max & Luis Baro – Undisputed [Sampled]
07. Miss Mee – Lamour [Robsoul]
08. Grosstone – Big Deal (Pezzner Dubstramental) [Stranjjur]
09. Erdbeerschnitzel – Separate Spaces [Mirau Musik]
10. John Mood – A Basement Romance (De Sluwe Vos ‘Kontra’ Remix) [Local Talk]
11. Arttu feat. Jerry the Cat – Move (Cellar Mix) [Clone Royal Oak]
12. Anaxander – I Want You Now [Local Talk]
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