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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 25


How this installment of Hausaufgabe came about is a bit special. Back in early September I was requested to do a guest mix for somewhere, and as someone interested in any ol’ excuse for mixing I was happy to oblige. In the end this never got released, and it’s a shame for such excellent house music to go to waste. Hence I’m publishing this old set as the festive 25th episode of the podcast. Better late than never?

The music involved is also something slightly out of the ordinary. I’m presenting a variable selection of my favourite purchases from 2010 to 2012, the oldest track hailing all the way from 2006. The tunes range from disco influenced stuff to straight up acid, and the then-trendy “New Jersey” revival sound (hey, this was recorded back in September). For the three guys out there who still care about the medium in 2012, I can report that this is indeed something you’d call “100% vinyl”.

Big thanks to all who have tuned in during the first 25 episodes. I intend to keep providing you both quality and quantity in the future as well. See you in the next one..

01. Latecomer – Cosmic Cart (Soulphiction Aced Out Remix) [MCDE]
02. Katorski & Maxim Lany – Cunnie [Lany]
03. HOSH & HearThuG – Technicolour [Stranjjur]
04. The Crystal Ark – We Came To (House Mix) [DFA]
05. HNNY – For the Very First Time [Local Talk]
06. Nick Nikolov – Come Down [Liebe Detail]
07. Marc Romboy vs Kink – Don’t Shake My Tree [Ovum]
08. Funk E – Guadaloope [Raum Musik]
09. Fulbert – I Like It [Local Talk]
10. Osunlade – Envision (Argy Vocal Mix) [Defected]
11. Terry Mullan & Bryan Jones – Come On [Robsoul]
12. WAX 30003 A
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