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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 24


After the previous two episodes, you may have thought Hausaufgabe is going all serious and moody on you. Fear not, as this time I’m taking it back to the roots with a bunch of nasty beats and even nastier samples. Fuck “deep”, this is house music to get drunk to!

The featured artists are no strangers to intoxicants either. Jazzmopper J settles for a classic cocktail and Dbow wants to roll it up, while Wattie Green stays true to his southern roots by indulging in some of that purple “kryptonite”. Fries & Bridges are apparently bogarting whatever they got by hiding it in their pockets. In other related vices, Jeff Service teaches you how to get your bad guy talk on. In the blast-to-the-past outro from 2002, Reset and Crazy P provide a similarly useful lesson to all the ladies.

01. Wattie Green – On That Crippy [Coyote Cuts]
02. Dbow – Smoke It Up [Coyote Cuts]
03. Fries & Bridges – One Hand in the Pocket [The Factory]
04. Jonn Hawley & William Alexander – This and That (William Alexander Remix) [Lingo]
05. Freaky Behaviour – Chicago Ill Noyze [Chunky Traxx]
06. Dimitri Max – The Method (Classic Returns Mix) [Sampled]
07. Jazzmopper J – Frozen Margarita [Highjack]
08. Erik Bo – Madone [Maracuja]
09. Jeff Service – Bad Guy Talk [Cave]
10. Salvatore Vitrano – From Another Place [Magnetic]
11. Jay Marks – Latin Bump (1200 Warriors Remix) [Beatdown]
12. Reset – Gasflap (Crazy Penis Wireless Mix) [Paper]
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