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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 17


From deep house back to derp house! I just couldn’t leave you guys without your scheduled dose of lighthearted bangers, so we’ve got another double decker Hausaufgabe in our hands this month.

It’s not my thing to come up with themes for my mixes, but if I did, this one would be something along the lines of “French house all-stars vs blatantly sampled 90s US hip-hop superstars”. All this mixed in Berlin by a Finnish dude, how international can you get? Highlights include the smash hit from Weeks & Moralez everybody for sure knows by now, some very fine boots from the Cabbie Hat label, and an almost Ian O’Brien-esque melodic number by Takla. Not everyone got my memo on noise sweeps (see Hausaufgabe 15), but that must be a “part of the game”.

Crank it up and have a blast!

01. Nick Jagger – Gangsta Fairy Tail [Coyote Cuts]
02. JR from Dallas – Springtime Feeling [Gourmand]
03. Fries & Bridges – Pipe Cleaner [Robsoul]
04. Joss Moog – That’s What U R [Robsoul]
05. Scrubfish – THS [Seventy Four]
06. JJ Junior – Brooklyn Side [Cabbie Hat]
07. Hapkido – Run Away [Cabbie Hat]
08. Bryan Jones – Part of the Game [InStereo]
09. Dbow – Frame Shake Up [Beatdown]
10. Mirco Violi – Caballo (Chris Carrier Remix Uno) [Hypercolour]
11. Freaky Behaviour – Fat Burger Hero [Funk Mansion]
12. Takla – Batucada [Funkfield]

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