Music Worth Hearing

Breaque – Hausaufgabe 12


I hereby open the monthly meeting of Dirty House Music Purveying and Refining, Inc. Don’t be fooled by the casual tones of our opening presentation, this session is all about serious house business. With our market share under pressure from mashup overproduction and the long overdue bursting of the “tech” bubble, we must carefully plan our mixing strategy to ensure steady beats and a controlled BPM growth in the upcoming quarter.

On our agenda today, Mr. Peak and the Bears division hold presentations of their work, while Mr. Vichas and Mr. Mullan detail our cash flow situation. Mr. Warwick and his assistant Lily will also present us some clever concepts from R&D. Sadly, not all could join us today: Mr. Fish is out on the block doing some market research, and the team of Garces, Delay & Goofs have all fallen ill – probably having caught the flu spread by Matt from accounting.

01. The 2 Bears – Work (Sona Vabos Remix) [DFA]
02. Demarkus Lewis – Strange Daze [Guesthouse]
03. Matt Meler – Jazz Flu [G-Swing]
04. Scrubfish – Back on the Block [Lutefisk]
05. Jordan Peak – Work [Robsoul]
06. Dom Martin – Weapon (Hijack Remix) [Jack Union]
07. Ramon Tapia – Don’t Go [Magnetic]
08. Foster Tanner feat. Wattie Green – Ragin It [Delta Blue]
09. Poncho Warwick – So Damn Clever [Farris Wheel]
10. Trevor Vichas and Terry Mullan – Cash 4 Gold [Coyote Cuts]
11. Arturo Garces and Danny Delay – The Illest (Loopity Goofs Remix) [Smoke City]
12. Michael R Jr – You Can’t Hide [Flapjack]

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