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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 11


A nuclear winter has arrived in Europe, even reaching the streets of Berlin. To survive the big freeze, I’ve been resorting to warming up my hands on the stylus illuminator lights of my turntables. Coincidentally, this also resulted in an hour of cozy tunes for your pleasure.

So what exactly are our house heroes up to during this chilly season? Possibly inspired by the family vacation taken by Swirl People way back in 1999, or Jazzmopper J’s more recent suggestions regarding taking a trip, both aliases of Callerio aka Warwick are heading hitchhiking. Meanwhile, JR from Dallas just wants to get inside from the cold, and Richie Kidd is perfectly content staying put in the Big Apple and cooking up his rather beasty edits. Regardless of these guys’ plans, DJ Sneak does a good job reminding them all about the necessity of moving, to facilitate proper circulation in these sub-zero temperatures.

01. Swirl People – Family Vacation [Tronicsole]
02. Nytron & Mike Frugaletti – Hello [Tango]
03. Inland Knights – The Money [Homecoming]
04. Semore Buds – Big Brother [Funkfield]
05. Wally Callerio & Poncho Warwick – The Hitchhiker [Sampled]
06. Richie Kidd – Thank You NYC [Native Soul]
07. Jazzmopper J – Trippa [Highjack]
08. 4Peace – Feel the Vibe (Tim Funatik Remix) [Cabbie Hat]
09. Bryan Jones – Yesterday [Coyote Cuts]
10. JR from Dallas – Pres de Chez Vous [Clean and Dirty]
11. DJ Sneak – What You Been Missing [Guesthouse]
12. Barclay – Funky Jam [Funk Mansion]

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