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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 06


The class is back in session, please take your seats. Now, I’d hate to see my students fall behind their curriculum, so I’m issuing a double dose of house homework this month. The first half of assignments can be found right here, with more to follow soon. Grab your headphones and study the material thoroughly, there will be a test on this.

In the 6th chapter of your teaching material, Agnes gets naughty while Greenbay Jackers and The Littlemen seem to be preoccupied with a dog. Jazzmopper J’s take on “Chicago House Scene” is finally included in its freshly released form, after making waves as a promo some 1.5 years ago. To steer us away from unnecessary deepness, Busy from Real Time Hand motion brings us an excellent remix of Anhanguera’s silly 2009 anthem. Finally we wrap things up with some unsigned online “rarities”.

..and yes, there are new graphics too, and they’ll be changing per each podcast episode. How cool is that?

The second part of the double November installment will be out on Saturday the 19th. Stay tuned on dR!

01. Agnes – You Did Naughty [Hudd Traxx]
02. Harold Heath – Mescalito [Lost My Dog]
03. The Littlemen – Hit Dat Dog (Larry Fives vs Inland Knights Remix) [Mobile Trax]
04. Greenbay Jackers – Who Let the Dog Out [Greenhouse]
05. Chemars – Not Chicago [Ginkgo Music]
06. Jazzmopper J – Chi-Town Tour Guide [Highjack]
07. Eman & Doc Link – The Meaning of Living (DJ Sneak Remix) [Liberate]
08. Giano & Funk Mediterraneo – Differente [Alphabet]
09. Anhanguera feat Alex D Oliveira – Mrs Don’t (Busy from RTHM Move Her Things Mix) [Maracuja]
10. Vaggio – U Ready [Ovum]
11. JR from Dallas & Masss – Chti Swing [-]
12. Poncho Warwick – Lilyjam [-]

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