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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 05


Fun and excitement! To spice up your personal Oktoberfest soundtrack, this month’s Hausaufgabe provides everything from Tibetian philosophy to Long Beach pimping, all set to the house beats you know and love. No need to pack your scuba gear for this, as we’ll remain safely in shallow waters.

After a re-released early track from UK’s The Littlemen, the set heads towards fresher material. This includes the latest sounds off the Berlin based OFF label, as well as a clever mixture of flutes and Chöguam Trungpa soundbites by the dynamic duo Forrest Avery & Derty D. Further into the mix you’re hit with a little east coast vs west coast rap edit battle in a true Hausaufgabe style. If this still leaves you hungry for more, Jeremy Joshua is there to serve some delicious cheese for dessert.

Enjoy the ride!

01. The Littlemen – Attack Me [Mobile Trax]
02. Kinky Movement – On Fire [Replay]
03. Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo – Charlie Brown [OFF]
04. Forrest Avery & Derty D – Central Intelligence [Tastie]
05. B Original – I’m Very Happy for You [Midwest Hustle]
06. Maxime Johnny – Disco Babes [Sniff Your Ears]
07. Kid Vibe – Another Blunt [Greenhouse]
08. Jackin Box – She’s a Ho [Funk Mansion]
09. Atom – Fmous (Precious Roy First Class Upgrade) [Intermission]
10. Jeff Dougler & Balu – Holdin Up [Cabbie Hat]
11. Hokus – Room 3M [Funkfield]
12. Jeremy Joshua – What’s Killing Me [Greenhouse]

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