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Breaque – Hausaufgabe 03


Fresh off vacation, it’s time to get back in the business of bringing you the best monthly house mix.. or your money back. The summer has made a comeback here in Berlin, so it’s no time for moody autumn sounds yet – hence the amount of straight-up bangers in this edition.

Among the tracks, we have two new re-workings by my long time favourites and outstanding remixers, Real Time Hand Motion. Also included are several new cuts from Inland Knights’ long running Drop Music label, who are simply on fire with their latest releases. To use an age-old cliché, it’s all killer and no filler. Couldn’t even quite fit all the essential tunes in 60 minutes this time!

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01. Wattie Green – Fly Away (Real Time Hand Motion Remix) [Coyote Cuts]
02. Inland Knights – Do It Again [Drop Music]
03. K-nto – Call the Unknown [Claphouse]
04. Andre Crom & Martin Dawson – What We Do Today [OFF]
05. Larry Fives – Make a Move [Drop Music]
06. Soydan – Wanna Move [Yakuza]
07. Giano – Disco Dancer (Real Time Hand Motion Remix) [Soul Fuel]
08. Robert Boogert – Turn Me [Drop Music]
09. Fergus – Hold Tight (Jeremy Joshua Remix) [Greenhouse]
10. Salvatore Vitrano – The Jazz Room (4Peace Upright Remix) [Cabbie Hat]
11. DJ Sneak – Sneak Time Acid [Magnetic]
12. Leonardus – Calling the Shots [Flapjack]

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