Music Worth Hearing

The Audio Files – No.08


On this weeks show we dig deep into some of the tunes that made me fall in love with Dubstep and also break out a little with some of the new stuff i am feeling at the moment. Also, a word of warning, The Audio Files slides back to a show every two weeks as we march forward. Busy times in Shatterland mean i gotta slide things back. There needs to be some real world focus around releases, promoting some local nights and work. Hopefully when things level out we will kick it back up to an every week scenario.

01. King Soly – Tamil Dub
02. Jack Sparrow – Preditor
03. Rougestate – Very Dangerous
04. Scuba – Respirator
05. South3rn – Menguine Tribe Dub
06. Starkey – Kick Push
07. Shortstuff – Tripped Up
08. Zomby – One Spliff
09. Toasty – Reflect
10. Seven – Dark Passenger
11. VIVEK – Motherland
12. The Landslide – Parables